Soft Reset is On the Air!

Soft ResetGot an extra half hour while you clean your classroom or go for a walk? Then download the first episode of the new podcast, Soft Reset. It's hosted by Mike Curtis and me, Tony Vincent. In this bi-weekly podcast, you'll learn helpful tips, hear about useful resources, and listen to insightful discussions about topics that handheld-using educators care about. Listen to the MP3 on your computer in the your browser, in iTunes, on your handheld, or on your iPod. Read about listening and finding podcasts.

The first episode features a great discussion about charging batteries. Future shows will include interviews, curriculum ideas, tips, and more! Mike and I hope the podcast is helpful and informative. Please leave a comment or email us with ideas, questions, comments, and suggestions. We want the podcast to be useful!

Click here for Soft Reset.