Kevin from Mexico City

Kevin from Mexico CityI had the fortune to speak with Kevin, a fifth grader at Mexico City's Centro Escolar Cedros in June at the National Educational Computing Conference. Students at Cedros have used Pocket PCs for a year. Several eager fifth graders from the school showed conference-goers all about their handheld computers in a poster session.
Here's a paragraph from the handout for the session:

Students at Cedros are improving their learning process by making concept maps, animations, researching by using Internet, using Word, Excel and some other interesting tools but the most important they are improving teamwork, the use of technology and building their own for the future.
Kevin was kind enough to allow me to record him (using my LifeDrive). He proudly showed me a Sketchy animation, a writing piece in FreeWrite, a PiCoMap of what he likes to do in his free time, and more. Kevin explains that only fifth grade has Pocket PCs, but next year each and every student will have one at Cedros. I know Kevin will be more than willing to help all of those other students. In the time I spent with him, he navigated around the Pocket PC with such ease!

Although Kevin's English is a little difficult to understand, I think the recording would be great to play for handheld-using students. Handhelds aren't used for learning in just one country–the same devices and applications are being used by students around the globe! Take for instance the 2005 Sketchy Animation Contest winner, Water Journey, from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Listen to Kevin in my final three-minute recording from the NECC conference.