MathAce IconJust about every handheld-using teacher knows about MathCard. It allows students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It's such a simple application and so easy to use. One problem with MathCard is that it is disappearing from the internet. The only place I can now find MathCard to download is from a page that is not written in English. Also, as I work with teachers, they have given me feedback on what they wish MathCard could do. Now there is an alterative to MathCard. Brian Schau has released yet another piece of educational freeware from my wishlist: MathAce. MathAce is similar to the popular MathCard. However, MathAce adds useful features:

  • MathAce has the option for negative numbers to be used in problems.
  • Besides selecting the Maximum Operand (the highest of the two numbers that are added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided), the Maximum Answer can be selected for addition and subtraction problems.
  • The quiz can be timed by setting how many minutes in the preferences.
  • Besides a Calculate quiz type, there's also Solve where students solve for the missing number in the equation.
  • MathAce maintains a report of the last 10 quizzes taken. The report includes the date, start time, stop time, score, and the preferences that were set to take the quiz.
  • The report of the last 10 scores can be exported to Memos! That means they can be saved, printed out, or beamed to the teacher!
Visit Brian's site. There you can download MathAce and read the user manual. His home page has the educational freeware that he has released, including Simplify, Gone Mad!, MixedUp, Dictate. and Angles.