SpellIT Tip

SpellIT IconSpellIT, free Palm OS software for practicing lists of spelling words, generates a report each time a student enters Test mode. It was specifically programmed to not allow students to delete these scores. However, there may be times when you want to erase this data, perhaps because you have a shared set of handhelds. You surely don't want students to have access to other students' private scores. There is a way to erase all of the test results data. From SpellIT's main menu, choose Test Results. Tap on any dated entry to see its details. Hold the down button on your handheld and tap Done. A dialog box will appear asking you if your are sure you want to reset test data. Tap Yes. Now all of the test results are deleted. There is no way to delete just one entry, so it's all or nothing when it comes to SpellIT's Test Results.

Since SpellIT is freeware, it's not perfect software (though it has the perfect price tag). You may be interested in trying some commercial solutions for spelling practice on handhelds. There's SpellChamp that lets you choose from 5100 defined words and students use these words to play various games. There's also Grant Street Software's Speller. Speller actually speaks the words and phrases out loud! It's very cool.