Gone Mad! in Missouri

Gone Mad!I'm at SuccessLink's third annual Handheld Computers Conference. Over 300 educators have gathered at a resort in Lake of the Ozarks to learn and share about handheld computing in education. I had the pleasure of delivering the keynote presentation Monday morning. I demonstrated many software applications, including Gone Mad! Two conference attendees came up on stage with me to complete a Gone Mad! crazy word game titled "Handhelds are Handy." The story is actually one of the sample stories that is included when install thbe software. In Gone Made!, if you really like the way one of the stories turns out, you can export it to Memos to enjoy again and again. That's what I did with the story below, completed at the conference:

Handhelds are Handy
Handheld computing has come a long way since the original Palm Mortician. Handhelds now have enough memory to store 25 flowers. They also have more processing power than deadly caskets from 1980. Many handhelds come with a built-in dog for jumping. Additionally, there are thousands of stinky software houses for handhelds. For example, there's a program called Gone Sexy! where you happily read and write your own spicey stories. What does the future hold? Perhaps handhelds that can run your husband!
If you had the fortune to attend this conference, please leave a comment and share something you learned!