NECC Poster Session: David Pence

David Pence from Royerford, Pennsylvania co-presented a poster session at NECC titled Handhelds Across the Disciplines with Judy Kuhns and Daniel Mounta. Dave teaches fourth grade and uses Zire 72s with his students. Like I did with many people at the national conference, I used my LifeDrive to record David. I asked him to tell me about his project.

Some highlights:

  • The most convenient it’s easy to put together portfolios of student writing.

  • Purchasing the handhelds is part of his building’s technology plan.

  • Zire 72 blue rubber peeling is not appealing.

  • Someone takes a photo of Tony for some reason.

  • David’s school has two mobile carts shared among six classrooms. The carts have power cords built-in.

  • They purchased everything, including training, from K12Handheld.

    Websites have really helped teachers use handhelds to teach curriculum.

  • Dave likes to have students take photos and then use the Margi Presenter-to-Go to show them to the entire class using a multimedia projector.

  • The one piece of commercial software David’s school uses is Inspiration for concept mapping.

  • Download the presenters' PowerPoint slide show here.

Click here to listen to the 3 minute 30 second recording.