NECC Student Interview

Mill Creek StudentsJulie, Tori, and Lauren, soon to be seventh graders from Mill Creek Elementary School in Warrington, Pennsylvania, used their handhelds for every subject. They took a train to Philadelphia for NECC today to present a poster session. These fine students in Jason Jaffe’s classroom have made terrific Sketchy animations. In fact, their animations placed in the 2004-2005 GoKnow Sketchy Animation Contest! They stopped by to visit me at the GoKnow booth Tuesday to get a free (and orange) stylus/pen.

I interviewed Julie, Tori, and Lauren and recorded two minutes of it using my LifeDrive. I think my handheld made a pretty good recording; however, NECC’s exhibit hall is very noisy, so there’s lots of background noise. Anyhow, click here to listen to an MP3 file and hear what Jason Jaffe’s students have to say about using handhelds. If you use handheld with students, what they say probably sounds very familiar.

Click here to listen.