Charging Basket

Charging Basket SolutionLet's continue our look at unique and cost-effective ways to organize and charge class sets of handhelds! Rolly Maiquez, Technology Teacher & Coordinator, and Cecille Nazareno, Middle School Teacher, at St. John's School in Guam have a low cost solution. Their charging basket keeps 22 handhelds and keyboards organized and it charges using one wall socket. It sits perfectly on an A/V cart! Here's the breakdown:

Laundry Basket - $3.50
Blue Utility Basket - $2.50
Utility Trays - $3.00
Power Surge Protector - $26.00
Y-Splitter Cables - $38.25

Total - $73.25
$73.25 is much cheaper than the $699 TC200 Tabletop Charging & Organize Station. For photos and more description of the Charging Basket Solution, click here.