My TX is EXcellent!

I have too many handhelds. I admit it. I do have reasons for keeping each handheld I currently own. Just for fun, I gathered my handhelds together for the family photo below.

Dana, iPaq h5400, Tungsten C, Zire 72, Treo 600, LifeDrive, & TX
Dana, iPaq h5400, Tungsten C, Zire 72, Treo 600, LifeDrive, & TX

The newest addition to my handheld family is the Palm TX. I've used it as my main handheld for about a week and I love it.

After Palm replaced my original, glitchy LifeDrive with a new and more reliable LifeDrive, I enjoyed using the "mobile manager." The LifeDrive feels solid and fits well in my hand. Although I was becoming attached to my LifeDrive, I know I won't get much use out of it now that I'm using a TX. [And I do hope I can find a new home for my LifeDrive]. The TX is smaller and fits in my pocket. Instead of a padded case, it has a flip-cover, which I prefer. My TX has only crashed twice (both times during web browsing) and takes seconds instead of minutes to boot up from a soft reset. The black casing seems weird because my other handhelds have almost always been silver or gray in color (even my Zire 72 is now silver after having picked off all of the scratched blue coating).

People often ask me what handheld I recommend to buy for themselves or for loved ones. For under $300 you can get a mighty fine palm-sized computer in the Palm TX. It has a kind of plastic/cheaper feel to it than the LifeDrive, but then again, it does retail for $200 less. And, if you're an educator, you can get the TX for $260 from the Palm Store for Education.