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iPod touch and iPad are finding happy homes in teachers’ and students’ hands. These de- vices can browse the web and play audio and video. Best of all, there are hundreds of free software applications that can help teachers stay organized, be creative, and study. Learn about all of this along with tips and tricks for using iPad and iPod touch in the classrooms. 

OS Tips

iPad sluggish or acting strangely? Fully power off iPad by pressing and holding the Sleep button for 5 seconds. Press and hold Sleep button for 5 seconds to power back up.

Use the Settings app to connect to a WiFi network, adjust brightness, set a passcode lock, etc.

Verbs for interacting with iPad include tap, double-tap, two finger tap, slide, tilt, shake, pinch, spread, and two-finger slide.

Setting up email is important because many apps export their content through email. Even for just outgoing email, an account must be set up. Gmail offer free email and is great for sending outgoing mail.

Double-tap spacebar after a sentence to insert a period, space, and shift to capitalize next sentence.

When entering text, shake to undo.

Shorten URLs to make them easier to enter with sites like,j.mpmoourl,,, and

75 Useful iPad Tips and Tricks

Tap and hold and image to save it to iPad's Photos library.

Read things you should know about iTunes, App Store, and apps.

Take a screenshot by holding down Sleep button while quickly pressing and releasing Home button.

App's iPad User Guide PDF at

Turn Voiceover and Zoom on in the Settings app. Remember with Voiceover on, you must double-tap instead of single-tap.

iPad Camera Connection Kit for importing photos from SD cards and USB cameras.



eClicker Host - $9.99 student response system

eClicker - Free student client for eClicker Host

iTunes - Find free podcasts and iTunes U content, including CNN Student News, What Would Happen If, Word on the Street, and

Jumbo Calculator

Audio Memos Free - Record and email audio recordings

Dragon Dictation - Speech-to-text software. Requires and internet connection. - Free dictionary

Merriam-Webster Dictionary - iPhone app that includes voice search

Doodle Buddy for iPad - Drawing app. Import photo as the background.

Maps - Includes map, satellite, hybrid, and street views.

Check out street views in places other than roads, including Disneyland Paris, Universal Studios Hollywood, Sea World Orlando, San Antonio, Orlando, Busch, Gardens Tampa, Hershey Park, New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Discovery Cove, Aquatica, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Sesame Place, Museum of Modern Art in New York, Tate Britain and National Gallery in London, Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Comic Touch Lite - Add speech bubbles and captions to an image

Bump - Send contact information, photos, or app links by bumping devices

Strip Designer - $2.99 comic creation app

iBooks - Save and read PDF and ePub files. Includes its own store.

Pages - $9.99 word processor and page layout app. Exports to Word.

Numbers - $9.99 spreadsheet app. Exports to Excel.

Keynote - $9.99 slideshow app. Exports to PowerPoint.

List of Apps that Output to the VGA

Evernote - Store text, images, and sounds locally and online for access anywhere.

Dropbox - Store any kind of file online for access anywhere.

Atomic Web Browser Lite - Alternative to Safari with tabbed browsing

Side by Side - $0.99 app for displaying up to four windows at once. Windows can be a combination of websites, notes, and drawings.

Mobile Mouse - $1.99 app for controlling a Mac or Windows computer

Air Display - $9.99 app for using iPad as a second display for a Mac or Windows computer.

iTeleport - $24.99 app for controlling Mac or Windows computers through the internet.

Math Drills Lite - Math fact practice

Number Line - Arrange fractions, decimals, and percents on a number line

Motion Math - $1.99 game for practicing number sense with fractions, decimals,a and percents.

iCell - Explore 3D plant, animal, and bacteria cells.

Flashcardlet - App for accessing and studying flash cards sets from Quizlet

Talking Flashcards - $3.99 app for accessing and studying Quizlet sets. You can also create you own sets in app and include images.

Idea Sketch - Concept mapping app

Spoken Motion - Narrate while you draw on the screen

SonicPics - $2.99 iPhone app for creating narrated slideshows

Storyrobe - iPhone app for creating narrated slideshows

Storykit - iPhone app for creating websites where little boxes act as pages in a story

Sketchy by GoKnow - $0.99 iPhone app for making animations with drawing or photos

Flipbook - $4.99 iPhone app for making animation with layers

Toontastic - $2.99 app for creating narrated stories including setting, characters,and climax

Puppet Pals - Create narrated movies. Free but includes many in-app purchases.

Meteogram - Graphs weather trends (free today)

ReelDirector - $1.99 app for editing movies

Splice - Free app for editing movies

Web Links

Display a name tag at

Read about four student response systems that work well with iPad.

Create a blog where others can contribute by email at Be sure to go into the settings for the blog and change it so that anyone can contribute, you will moderate. Example:

Read more about Tony's Point2View USB camera.

App Store Metrics from

Studycast podcast by 5th grade teacher Brent Coley.

Read about how high school teachers have flip-flopped lecture and homework using podcasts.

Read about calculus teacher talk about flip-flopping instruction.

Fingerpainting video with Adobe Brushes app.

Google Road Trip with Street View video.

Edit Google Docs on iPad.

21st Century Walkthrough using Google Docs

AR.Drone online and on YouTube.

Dos and Don'ts with Classroom iPads

Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand Podcast

Mobile Learning Experience in Phoenix, Arizona April 6-8, 2011

Finding Apps

AppShopper - Better search results than iTunes

IEAR - i Educational Apps Reviews by educators. See categories and tags on the left side of the page.

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