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A podcast is audio or video on the web that can be cataloged and automatically downloaded.

Sample Podcasts:

What makes a good podcast?  Wallwisher wall.

Creating a Podcast Tips

Be careful when downloading Audacity!  Don't be tricked!

Using Audacity Screencast

Podsafe Audio

Radio WillowWeb Segment Planning Guide

Squares for use as background images at Picnik.

Post by email for free with Posterous

Posterous is free of charge. Currently you can use up to 1GB of space, which is enough storage for more than 20 hours of audio and should be plenty for your podcast. I have been using Posterous for my TonyVincent.info podcast. Each episode is a short reflection on what I've learned that day. It's actually recorded and emailed from my iPod touch. You can listen online at tonyvincent.posterous.com. Notice how Posterous includes an audio player so visitors can listen in their web browser.

Posterous Audio Player

Listening in a browser is great, but many may want to listen using iTunes. Each Posterous blog has a web feed that can be used to subscribe with iTunes. The feed icon  is on the blog's main page. Right-clicking the icon and copying the link and then pasting it in iTunes under Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast is one way to subscribe. That is probably too many steps to explain to students, parents, or whomever your audience is. Instead, here's how you set up a one-click subscriptions:

  1. Create your Posterous account and email your first audio file.
  2. Icon
  3. Go to your Posterous blog and right-click the web feed icon . Copy the feed's URL, which is something like http://yoursite.posterous.com/rss.
  4. Paste the link into your classroom or school website. Change the http:// to itpc://. The itpc:// tells web browsers to launch iTunes and subscribe to that feed. When visitors click itpc://yoursite.posterous.com/rss the latest episode begins to download and future episodes will be downloaded automatically. Test this out by clickingitpc://tonyvincent.posterous.com/rss.

Watch how to get Posterous' web feed into iTunes (starts at 6:26)

Post video podcasts for free at Podomatic.com.

Search Google for podcast rubrics, evaluations, assessments.

Add PowerPoint Visuals to Audacity's Audio Screencast

One-click subscription to TonyVincent.info!