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Day 2

Collect videos using & Dropbox

  • While students can post videos to Edmodo, there are other ways to collect them.
  • One way is to use Dropbox and Sign up for Dropbox first. Then connect the account at where you can choose a web address and password.
  • Students go to your address in Safari and enter the password. They can then choose the video to upload (up to about 7 minutes in length).
  • The videos automatically appear in your Dropbox folder on your PC and in your account at
  • Note that this does not work with images because the latest image will overwrite any previous ones.

Documents & Sharing

  • The Google Drive app gives students access to their Google documents (text and spreadsheets).
  • Create a new document by clicking the + button.
  • At any point after the document is created, it can be shared with the teacher by first clicking Close. Then tap the arrow button to the right of the document's name. Click the + next to Who Has Access. Students enter the teacher's Gmail address and click Add.
  • After students have shared with the teacher, it may be easier to access and organize on your PC by going to Students may also access their documents from a PC at where they can add more formatting and images.
  • Students can collaborate on documents by sharing with each other. Up to 50 users can be typing into a document simultaneously. 


  • Make one-page posters using the Pic Collage app. Save to the Camera Roll to be able to share it as an image.

Collect and Share Images Using Padlet

  • requires no login on the part of students, so it's a great tool to collect text and images very quickly.
  • The teacher sets up a free account. You can make as many walls as you'd like.
  • There are many optional settings for your wall. You'll probably want to name it and give it a better address. It's recommended you change the default layout from Freeform to Stream.
  • You might consider turning on Moderate Posts under Privacy to prevent vandalism to your wall.
  • Our collages are collected at


  • Screencasts are recording of what's on your screen along with your voice.
  • Explain Everything is the best whiteboarding and screencasting app.
  • You set up as many slides as you'd like and then record your voice on each one.
  • The screencast video can take a long time to render and export.
  • You can share to a variety of places, including the Camera Roll and Google Drive.

Save Images from the Web

  • Touch and hold an image in Safari until you see the Save Image button.
  • After the button is tapped, the image is saved into your Camera Roll and is viewable in the Photos app.
  • Always try to save the largest version of an image. Smaller images look terrible when you try to enlarge them.

Comics and Books

  • Create multi-panel and multi-page comics using Strip Designer.
  • Download Tony's example about vertical and horizontal videos.
  • Book Creator makes books that can be opened and read in iBooks.
  • Book Creator books can have text, images, and sounds.
  • You can combine Book Creator projects into one book.


  • There is no Microsoft Office for iPad, but there is QuickOffice Pro HD.
  • Create, open, and save Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.
  • Currently you cannot import images into a Word document.

Narrated Slideshows

  • 30hands is a free app for adding audio to a set of images.
  • The project is exported as a video to the Camera Roll where it can be shared on Edmodo, Google Drive, Padlet,, and Email. Email only works if the movie is less than 50 seconds long.

Learning Resources for Teachers

Day 1

iOS Tips

  • Add a website to the Home screen by clicking the Share button and choosing Add to Home Screen.
  • Arrange icons by touching and holding one icon until they all wiggle. Drag icons around the page or to the edge to place on the next Home screen. Click the Home button to stop the wiggling.
  • Take a screenshot by quickly pressing and releasing the Home and Sleep buttons at the same time. Your screen flashes and an exact copy of what was on your screen is saved into the Camera Roll/Photo Library. See the screenshot by opening the Photos app.
  • Autocomplete happens automatically unless you click the X next to the word that pops up.
  • Touch and hold text to view the magnifying loop. It's easier to position the cursor using the loop.
  • Touch and release or double-tap a word to select it. Use the blue circles to adjust how much text you select. With text selected, you can choose to Copy and Cut.
  • Paste text by touching and releasing where the cursor is. The Paste button should appear.
  • Shake to Undo. There is an undo button on the 123 keyboard.
  • There are hidden characters on the keynote. Touch and hold a key to see if there are any hidden symbols or characters you can select.
  • Want to type while hold iPad? Split the keyboard by dragging it apart. You can push it back together.
  • If an app wants to access your location, the typically safe answer is to allow.
  • If an app wants to access your photos, answer yes.
  • If an app wants to send you push notifications, the typical answer is No.
  • If an app wants to access your contacts, the typical answer is No.

QR Codes

Polling and Assessing

  • Sign up for a free teacher account at
  • Go to My Profile where you can change your room number. Room numbers can be words.
  • Students go to to enter their name and room number. Have students add this to their Home screens or make it into a QR code for quick access.
  • Socractive has a Training Tour you can take to learn about its basic features.

Annotating PDFs

  • Use the GoodReader app to store, markup, and save PDFs.
  • To open a PDF into GoodReader, you first go to it in Safari. Tap Open In and choose Good Reader. The PDF is then saved and available inside GoodReader.
  • You can click Share to send a PDF from GoodReader to another application, like Edmodo. Note that students must be signed into the Edmodo app before sharing.
  • Here is a nice collection of graphic organizers you might have students write on using GoodReader.

Collecting PDFs

  • Sign up for a free Teacher account. Our Group Code for the workshop is 4xsfwb.
  • Create a Group and share the Group Code with students.
  • Students open the Edmodo app and sign up using the Group Code.
  • To turn in or post a PDF from GoodReader, the student opens GoodReader and click the Share button and chooses GoodReader. Edmodo then opens and places the file into the student's Backpack.
  • Students can turn in the assignment or share the PDF in a new Note by clicking the Backpack option and choosing the file they want to post.