Alabama Educational Technology Conference June 2014


Today it's possible to film, edit, and publish movies all on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. See a demonstration and examples of how to create excellent educational films by using a variety of apps to film, edit, enhance, and publish videos. Learn about tips and tricks for helping students memorize lines, improving sound quality, changing camera angles, improving lighting, and much more.  You'll put what you learn to use by collaboratively creating and publishing a short film, so bring your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Use Pic Collage to make movie titles and and images. Pic Collage does not support making your collages horizontally, but horizontal images look best in a video. You can arrange your work sideways in Pic Collage and export to Photo Library. View the image in the Photos app and click Edit and then Rotate. Save the image and it will look great in your video.

Explorer Interview by 5th graders are examples of framing and changing camera angles. 


Recording in short clips and changing the camera angles has many benefits:

  • Visually interesting
  • Rarely zooms and pans
  • Illusion of multiple cameras
  • Shorter lines
  • Script just off camera

Slowing down and turning video black and white can completely change the tone of a video. Use Video FX Live to film black and white video live and save to the Camera Roll. Convert video you already filmed to black and white using Chromic.

Character Counts Clips from Willowdale Elementary School uses the black and white technique to show non-exmaples.

Remember, your Camera Roll is an album in your Photo Library, which you can access using the Photos app. Many apps and import from and export to you Photo Library.

Want to add music you find on the web to iMovie? Install Documents 5 and open its Browser. You can click and hold a link to download an MP3 file. Then from the app’s Documents section, you can click the MP3 file and and click the Share icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Choose Open in… and select iMovie. iMovie will open and ask which project you’d like to copy the MP3 into.

Find great royalty free music at Be sure to give credit Kevin MacLeod ( if you use the music.

Dont have iMovieSplice is a great alternative. Its an iPhone app that runs great on an iPad. Its simpler than iMovie and fantastic for combining videos and photos from your Photo Library. You can add titles, transitions, and voiceovers. Theres even an option to change the speed of your clips.

A common filming mistake is fire hosing. Moving the camera quick from item to item can be too crazy to watch.

Using a tripod can steady your shots. Tony uses a ZipShot Instant Tripod because of how fast it is to set up.

Use a tripod to keep the camera in the same place so you can do appearing, disappearing, and transforming effects. 

Swivl is a $300 device that is your robotic camera operator and wireless microphone.

Use ModdedMovie Lite create short clips with your own billboards and banners.

Action Movie FX added movie-quality special effects to your clips.

Beware of backlighting! Try to have your light source in front of the actor, not behind.

Here’s Tony’s 60 second video about the importance of good audio in your movies. It was make using Adobe Voice for iPad.

The iRig Mic has a very long cord and can really help your sound. It’s made for iOS devices.

Don’t suffer from Vertical Video Syndrome! Watch the PSA (warning: crude humor).

Ensure that you always take vertical videos using the Horizon app.

Your Movie Checklist:

  • includes your production company name
  • less than 90 seconds in length
  • teaches something
  • worthy of others watching it
  • uses short clips and a variety of camera angles
  • has good sound
  • exported/saved to Camera Roll

Students can upload videos to your Dropbox using You need to Dropbox account and then you link it with a page you get from Make the password simple so students can easily type it.

Here’s a great sampling of iMovie curriculum trailers. Download iMovie trailer storyboards to help make better trailers.

Want to do some green screen video on iPad? You can with Green Screen by Do Ink.

Videolicious enables you to make a video where you cut to other clips and photos very easily. The time limit is 60 seconds.

Thank you for your participation today! Happy movie making!