August 11, 2010

Lenawee Intermediate School District

    Our Poserous blog from today is at ilearn.posterous.com.
  1. Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand
    1. Subscribe to the blog via email
    2. iPhone name tag generator
    3. App Store metrics
    4. Set up a free Gmail.com account to use for outgoing email
    5. Posterous.com is the site for posting to a blog through email
    6. Shorten URLs with services like tinyurl.com, bit.ly, j.mp, ow.ly, to.ly, and moourl.com.
    7. Google Forms is part of Google Docs and can be used to create surveys for iOS devices
    8. Voice Memos app requires a microphone. Choices for iPod touch includeThumbTacks,Blue Mikey, andearbuds with mic.
    9. Dragon Dictation for voice-to-text
    10. iFlipr for flashcards and multiple choice quizzes
    11. iDoodleIt and Doodle Buddy free drawing apps
    12. Faces iMake for creating art using food and objects
    13. Inflationcalculator
    14. Oregon Trail
    15. GeoMaster US States
    16. How to take screenshots
    17. Comic Touch
    18. Strip Designer
    19. Up in Pieces Jigsaw Puzzles (and Jigsaw Junior for iPad)
    20. SonicPics for creating narrated slideshows from image saved in Photos
    21. Spoken Motion for recording and drawing
    22. StoryKit for making talking picture books that can be publshed online
    23. eClicker and eClicker Host student response system
    24. SketchyandFlipbookfor animations
    25. Math Drills
    26. Pop Math Lite
    27. Lemonade Stand
    28. iCell
    29. iear.org for app review from educators
    30. AppShopper.com for a web-based alternative to iTunes' App Store
    31. iPhone/iPod touch for Administrators at Apple Learning Interchange 

Dos and Don'ts for Classroom iPods

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