with Tony Vincent  •  March 2012

More Opportunities Belong in Learning Environments

QR Codes - Scan with i-nigma app and create at qrcode.kaywa.com. Watch Tony's video about QR codes.

Poll Everywhere - Create open response and multiple choice surveys.

Edmodo - Create an online community for the classroom. Download the app. Our group code is n7xcnl.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary app - Look up words by browsing, typing, or speaking.

Comic Touch Lite app - Create a comic from a photo or saved image.

Vocabulary for Garbage! Monster! Burp! - tonyv.me/mv2

Up in Pieces - a.k.a. PuzzleGame. Turn any photo or saved image into a playable jigsaw puzzle.

Quizlet.com - Browse ready-made flashcard sets or make your own. Garbage! Monster! Burp! vocabulary is at tonyv.me/mv

Flashcards*app - App for making flash card sets and for viewing sets from Quizlet.

BingoBaker.com - Create onilne Bingo boards. Garbage! Monster! Burp! board: tonyv.me/gmbv

iBooks app - Apple's eBook reader and ebook store. You can add bookmarks, highlights, and notes.

Garbage! Monster! Burp! - Free eBook by Tom Watson

Socrative.com - Create quizzes, polls, and surveys. Students enter the teacher's room number at m.socrative.com.

StoryKit app - Use images, text, and sounds to create an online storybook. Some examples by 4th graders: tonyv.me/exsk

Tinyurl.com - Shorten URLs so they are easier to type. There's also bitly.com and goo.gl.



iPad Tips: TechRadar40+ Super Secret Tips, & Complete List of Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

Skitch app - Draw and annotate on top of an image.

Bump app - Wirelessly exchange images. Requires the app to know your location.

iPad Camera Connection Kit - Hardware to import images from cameras and other iPads.

Scribble Press app - Easy eBook publishing. Books are opened in the iBooks app.

iBooks Author - Mac software for making eBooks.

4 Cs - Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity, Collaboration

Studies have shown that groups outperform individuals on learning tasks, and further that individuals who work in groups do better on later individual assignments as well.

Linoit.com - Contribute to an online canvas with stick notes. To create your own collaborative canvas, make a new one and choose Everyone may post stickies and Allow guest to post stickies.

PaperPort Notes app - Import images, PDFs, and websites to annotate.

Evaluating Educational Apps - Rubrics and checklists.

App Directories, Reviews, and Lists - iear.orgappitic.com, and tonyv.me/applists

ShowMe app - Interactive whiteboard that records what you do on the screen with your voice. Can be saved to showme.com.

Share files with students by putting them in a Dropbox public folder. Right-click any item in the public folder to get the URL. Shorten the QR code the URL for easy distribution.

45x Microscope for $4.85 each.

Splice app - Combine photos, images, and voice overs into a movie.

More about mobile movie making.

Flipboard app - View Twitter and other news sources as a magazine. Input a Twitter search for #edapp to learn about new and on-sale apps.

Inexpensive Styluses - 3 packs

Germ Guardian - UV Sanitizing Wand

Zwipes - Microfiber cleaning clothes

Sphero - iPad controlled ball

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