Be My Guest at Learning in Hand HQ


The entrepreneur in me is always trying new things. Today I’m excited to announce that I’ll be facilitating workshops for teachers at Learning in Hand HQ.

I’ve been traveling to schools, conferences, and seminars to speak and lead workshops for over ten years. At last count, I’ve worked with teachers in 40 states and five countries. I will continue this work, but I’m also trying something new: hosting my own workshops.


In May my family and I moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Council Bluffs, Iowa. We built a lovely new home, which serves as Learning in Hand’s headquarters. The house has a large finished basement, which I think is perfect for hosting professional learning workshops. 

I’m no stranger to planning educational technology events. I’ve been organizing events like Mobile Learning Experience and Camp Plug and Play for years. I’ve facilitated hundreds of workshops and presented just as many conference sessions. I know what teachers like to see and do during their professional development time. In fact, I’m flattered when conference-goers choose to spend their entire day in my breakout room.

You can spend the day with me at Learning in Hand HQ! Currently I have two workshops scheduled. I’m beginning with two of my favorite workshops that involve iPads. They are scheduled for two days in a row in case you happen to be traveling from far away and want make the most of your trip.


Sound interesting? Click on over to my page all about Learning in Hand HQ where you can read more about the location and about my workshop principles.

I’m certainly open to suggestions on what topics you’d like to learn about at Learning in Hand HQ. If you have a moment, please fill out this form and let me know what workshops topics you’d like to see offered.

Please help spread the word about these workshops! Here’s a PDF you can print and post at your school.