iPad as the Teacher's Pet - Version 2.0


An iPad can be a teacher’s very handy assistant! Last year I published an infographic titled "iPad as the Teacher’s Pet” and I have updated it to version 2.0. It’s all about what can be done by Pad-using educators, whether or not their students have iPads. It is divided into seven sections:

  1. Show on a Big Screen
  2. Manage the Classroom
  3. Assess Student Work
  4. Interact with Students
  5. Manage Your Files
  6. Make Instructional Media
  7. Learn New Things

You can click the image on the right to download the PDF of Version 2.0. It’s a large file, so you might have to wait a little while for it to download.

There are loads of apps and websites listed, so I took the time to hyperlink the text in the document. If you click the name of an app, your web browser should open to the iTunes or App Store page for that app.  Clicking a website name will open that page in your browser.

There are a huge number of resources that just wouldn’t fit in the document. If you have one you think should have been included, please tell everyone about it in the comments.

What has changed since Version 1.0?

The first version was published in April 2013 in the days of iOS 6. Most apps and their icons have been updated to match the new streamlined look of iOS 7, so I replaced almost all of the screenshots and icons.

Over the course of the year some apps listed on Version 1.0 of the infographic have disappeared from the App Store, a couple became overrun with ads, and others have been superseded by better options. I included some great new apps that have crossed my path in the last year, including the one I co-created.

I posted a survey on Twitter in March 2014 and received 558 responses. I have shared the results of that survey in various locations on the infographic. This includes the word cloud at the bottom of iPad as the Teacher’s pet. The cloud is the result of the answer to my question, “What one app is your favorite to use in school?” There were dozens of different responses. The most popular app was Explain Everything, submitted by 13% of those that took the survey. The next most popular was Educreations with 7%. If you examine the word cloud, the text Educreations appears larger than Explain Everything. I guess the cloud generator I used didn’t have space to make Explain Everything any larger.

Can I print it?

The PDF is printable, but your printer will probably try to print it all on one piece of paper, making it impossible to read. Here’s a version that is split among 6 pages, and here's an 11 page version. You’ll have to do some glueing or taping, but at least it will be readable.

Some folks have been known to print iPad as the Teacher’s Pet with wide format printers. It will take a lot of ink and might be too tall to read (but super cool).

Can I share it?

I’ve given the document a Creative Commons license. You are free to link to, repost, and distribute it. You don’t have to ask permission, but I always enjoy reading emails about when and how it’s being used.

How did you make the infographic?

There are some websites for making infographics. However, I did not use any of them. Instead, I simply used Pages for Mac. I’m super familiar with its drawing and design tools, and I don’t have to try to upload dozens of images into a web browser. The trick is that I changed the Page Setup to be a custom size. In the case of "iPad as the Teacher’s Pet," the size is 17 inches by 151 inches. You can always tweak the custom size as you are working on an Pages document so that you don’t run out of room.

I learn so much by creating graphics like this one. I have to prioritize information, simplify as much as possible, and make it visually appealing. It took me days to update "iPad as the Teacher’s Pet" to Version 2.0. Most of my time was spent researching, testing, and playing with apps and websites. It was fun narrowing down the field of tools to some of my favorites.

Want to learn more?

I made "iPad as the Teacher’s Pet" to accompany my presentations and workshops by the same name. Contact me if your school or organization is interested in hiring me to make presentations or to lead workshops.